Simon Salt

Originally from London, England, Simon has lived in the US for nearly two decades. He describes his style as a blend of English with some subtle hints of East Coast, West Coast and Southern states.

He became seriously interested in photography in High School and pursued it as a hobby for many years. In 2010 he decided to make a career change after being a well known digital marketer for 15 years, including running his own agency, he made the transition to full-time photography.

There was no choice for him when it came to which area of photography he wanted to focus on. Fashion has been an integral part of his life since he could dress himself. He loves to be around designers, brands and other creatives who bring their passion to the world through the medium of clothes.

Fashion is, after all, both a necessity and an art form.

He has been published regularly in magazines across Europe and the US and has worked with several US based designers on projects.

He welcomes opportunities to bring his creativity to projects encompassing Editorial, Advertising, Online and Lookbook.Simon Salt